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Pond Aeration and Fish Kill

Windmill Aeration Systems are the most cost effective and natural way to keep your FISH healthy and alive eliminating FISH KILL



In the summer months and hot weather climates, Fish Kill in ponds is most prevalent on cloudy, hot summer days and nights. With no sunshine and low oxygen levels in your water source you will start to notice fish gasping for air on the surface of the water and you will also find a proportionately high amount of dead fish floating on the water.

When water temperatures go over 79 degrees Fahrenheit in ponds that are less than 12 feet deep the water has difficulty holding adequate amounts of oxygen. Lack of sunshine prevents plants from producing oxygen and with very little wind oxygen can not mix into the surface of the water.

Options include digging your pond deeper than 20 feet or installing a pond aeration system. Even in deeper ponds it is recommended that a pond aeration system is implemented. It will help regulate the temperature throughout the pond improving oxygen levels and reducing the mean temperature of the water source.


In winter months where water freezes over fish can die from low oxygen levels. You will notice in the spring thaw large numbers of Dead fish floating on the water’s surface. Snow covered ponds further attribute to the lack of oxygen in a pond for the sun light does not get through to the plants in the water to produce oxygen.

You can either shovel the snow off your pond on an ongoing basis and consider installing a windmill aeration system to prevent the ice from freezing up completely during the cold winter months.


In rainy and stormy conditions in the hot weather months there can be low oxygen levels in your pond. Again dead and gasping fish at the surface of the pond after periods of heavy rain storms can indicate that insufficient levels of oxygen exist in your water source.

This can be caused by heavy inflows of cool rain water combined with a mix of surface water low in oxygen further reducing the low levels of oxygen existing in your pond. This is more likely to occur in areas of ponds that are less than 6 feet deep.

Options include digging your pond deeper or installing a aeration system one of which can be a windmill aeration system that is built to provide the most efficient type of aeration for water which is called bottom up aeration. Fountains are not as efficient for they only aerate the surface of ponds.


This usually looks like green moss or paint diluted and floating on the surface of your pond. If there is a lot of this it usually signifies low levels of oxygen in over enriched water sources. As the algae dies off it decomposes and can cause further oxygen shortages.

To solve this you need to look at ways to reduce the amount of nutrients being injected into your water. Look at possible areas where run off exists and divert it away from your pond. Fertilized Farmer Fields and Cattle Grazing areas are examples)
Aerate your water to facilitate the burn of the decomposing and dissolve algae.


Fish Kill is primarily derived from low levels of oxygen. If your pond is receiving excessive amounts of organic matter especially after heavy rains then you need to consider its surroundings. Are there a number of trees and decaying vegetation around the water? Are there a large amount of animals whose wastes empty into the water?

Try to keep vegetation back from your pond and make sure to keep animals far enough away so that wastes are not able to empty into it.
Windmill aeration systems will speed up the rate at which these organic matters decompose helping reduce the sludge that builds at the bottom of your pond.


This can happen if you shock treat your water with some form of quick chemical remedy marketed to kill the growing vegetation in your pond. This has probably happened if after your pond has been injected with some form of herbicide and you observe fish gasping for air or more than normal amounts of FISH KILL.

Killing off vegetation from either natural or by chemical means can deplete oxygen levels in your pond. If possible, try to rake the vegetation our of your water source to avoid it from decomposing in the pond. Large amounts of rotting vegetation eats up oxygen supply in your water.

When treating your ponds with a herbicide which is a practice that we do not recommend you consider lightly, only do so with 20% of your pond at any one time. Pond Aeration Systems should be your first consideration. Over a 24 month period having a aeration system will provide you with a much higher return on investment for you will have a system that greatly eliminates the probability of future vegetation growth. So treating it will not be an issue on an ongoing basis.


You can save all the fish in your pond. Like every living thing in this world a certain portion will die each year. It will usually occur in the Hot Summer Months and Cold Winter Months when stress on their habitat is at its peak. Pond Aeration Systems will certainly improve these levels significantly but don’t be alarmed if a few fish are dying off every season.

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